Class of BIGSOUND ‘19: Chakra Efendi

Chakra wears suit and earrings from  RENU by Nhu .  Photos by Dom Gould and James Caswell.  Styled by Sophie Kristjansson and Kate Evans.  Creative direction by Cassie Dimitroff.

Chakra wears suit and earrings from RENU by Nhu.

Photos by Dom Gould and James Caswell.

Styled by Sophie Kristjansson and Kate Evans.

Creative direction by Cassie Dimitroff.

Showcasing at BIGSOUND Festival is a huge milestone in any Australian artist’s career. But it’s potentially most significant for the local acts who watch the Valley swell to maximum capacity each year as the event kicks off, bringing music industry heavyweights in swarms. We caught up with five acts on the precipice of their showcase performances and recorded their responses in our 2019 BIGSOUND Yearbook. This is: Chakra Efendi.

What’s your relationship with Brisbane like?

It’s a strange one. I’m originally from the Sunshine Coast and Indonesia, and I would come down to Brisbane throughout my later years in high school to attend house parties and sleep on couches and be some little rascal. That’s the nostalgia that I have for Brisbane. I’m fond of it, but it definitely has some ghosts.

And what about home?

See that’s not even home for me. I try not to be grounded in one spot, because then I feel like I’m trapped in a sense, and I like to be comfortable wherever I am. I don’t ever want to settle down anywhere. 

What’s your biggest goal right now?

To be happy.

Chakra GUM-15.jpg

Who do you look up to?

Lately, I’ve been learning a lot about myself as an individual, and I guess I’ve kind of been disassociating from the [so-called] culmination of experiences that make a person. I’ve been looking up to teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Rupert Spira for guidance on a journey I don’t quite understand, a journey into myself. 

As musical influences go, I’d have to say Erik Satie, at the moment. And Kanye West. I think they are very similar people. 

What’s your biggest strength?

I’ve always been very stubborn when it comes to my artistic intuition. I like to maintain my vision, and I find that I can always achieve what I set out to do. It’s very, very reassuring to know that if I have an idea, I’ll accomplish it. 

Where does that vision come from?

I guess I’ve always liked to document different stages of my life. I look back on the music or the art I’ve made in the past, and it’s sort of a time capsule of emotion. The EP I released at the start of the year was created and written all throughout my high school years, which isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of me now. I’ve changed a whole lot. And just to listen back to it, it’s a trip, you know?

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What’s a lesson you’ve learnt as a musician so far? 

Transcending that need for substances and debauchery when it comes to playing shows was a very big thing to learn. You can’t necessarily do that in a professional environment. Well, a lot of artists get away with it, and God bless them, but I don’t think that’s something that I’ll ever resort back to. 

Who’s in your clique?

My friends: Fin, Marli, Jack, Rhian. That’s the band. They’re my clique, they’re my homies. I love them.

Style Icon?

David Bowie. Holy moly, you know?

Three tracks on a mixtape Chakra’s sending to his crush:

Ariel Pink – Baby

King Krule – Baby Blue

Daft Punk – Digital Love

Senior Quote:


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Aleisha McLaren