Class of BIGSOUND ‘19: Marco

Marco wears full outfit from  Contra .  Photos by Dom Gould.  Styled by Sophie Kristjansson and Kate Evans.  Creative direction by Cassie Dimitroff.

Marco wears full outfit from Contra.

Photos by Dom Gould.

Styled by Sophie Kristjansson and Kate Evans.

Creative direction by Cassie Dimitroff.

Showcasing at BIGSOUND Festival is a huge milestone in any Australian artist’s career. But it’s potentially most significant for the local acts who watch the Valley swell to maximum capacity each year as the event kicks off, bringing music industry heavyweights in swarms. Gum Magazine caught up with five acts on the precipice of their showcase performances and recorded their responses in the 2019 BIGSOUND Yearbook. This is: Marco.

What are you most proud of in your career so far? 

When I released my second track, Running. In the first week it got 200,000 streams, and it was in the eighth spot on the US New Music Friday playlist. Everything’s blown up since then.

What’s your relationship with Brisbane like?

I’ve lived here my whole life. I’ve thought about moving away to LA, because a lot of stuff happens there - same with Sydney - but it’s funny with Brisbane. The whole scene is just really exploding at the moment. All these people that you meet in Brisbane are such a nice, close-knit family. Brisbane’s always been home. 

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What’s your biggest goal right now?

To get more music out. I’ve had nine months since I released Running, and we’re about to close on some contracts and get some music out there. It’s goal after goal after goal for me, though. I could want 10 million streams by halfway through next year, and I’ll be like “Sweet! Made that goal, onto the next one”. In my head, I want to sell out Fortitude Music Hall by the end of next year, or the year after – it’s just up in the air at the moment. As soon as you say it out loud, you have to do it. 

Who do you look up to?

My dad is one of the people I look up to most. My dad just works his ass off. He’s always put me and my two older brothers before himself. He’s really taught me not to skip and cut corners – to do things right, and to be nice and genuine with people. 

Did you have posters on your wall growing up?
I’ve actually never had anyone on my wall, because my dad would never let me. He’s like “No Blu Tack on the paint!”. He’s Greek, and if you do something wrong in the house, you’re going to cop it! 

What’s your biggest strength?

I like to be kind to people. I like to make sure people are feeling their best, and if they’re not, I’ll go out of my way to make sure they’re feeling okay. I turn 18 next month, but I don’t drink at all. I want to be that person, in case somebody needs to text me like, “Hey, can you come pick me up?”. I’ll just get in the car, get my keys and go. I like to build relationships with people. I’m a big hugger, I love embracing people. 

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Style icon:

My girlfriend. If I didn’t have her I would look terrible. She’s my hype girl, she’s dope. 

Three tracks on a mixtape Marco’s sending to his crush:

John Legend – Ordinary People

Barry White – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

Grease – You’re the One That I Want 

Senior Quote:

“That’s a vibe.”

Check out Marco’s BIGSOUND profile here.

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