Humans of BIGSOUND

We went to BIGSOUND to ask punters questions that had nothing to do with BIGSOUND. Enjoy our selection of the best responses below…

Photos by Tai Pham


Do pigeons have feelings?

“Yes they do. Because they love chips! Loving chips is a feeling!”


Does Brisbane have its own smell?

“Smells like hope.”

Jack + Harmon.jpg

How much would it take for you to spend a night in a cemetery?

“Ah, I don’t know. Twenty bucks?”

“A doobie…or death. That’s the only two ways I’m getting in a cemetery.”

Cato the Monster.jpg

Do you believe in the power of a curse?

“Yes…why? Is that a threat?”

Stevie and Bridget.jpg

Have you called a plumber to your house lately?

“Yeah! He came and fixed my shower! He’s a plumber!”

Meg Bigsound.jpg

What’s the true power of a wizard?

“A wizard? Friendship.”

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Tom Jordan