Premiere: madalene EP 'Ageless'

Photo by Kimi Liddell

Photo by Kimi Liddell

In the spirit of love and as a sweet gift to pair with this exclusive premiere of her new EP release Ageless, we asked madalene about past music she has loved and if she would write a letter to a particular album that holds a special place in her heart.

A love letter to Once I Was An Eagle by Laura Marling

I guess this is a love letter to Laura Marling because I don’t think an object can read a letter, so I guess I’m hoping she is feeling very loved. But also I’m not really anticipating Laura Marling or the album to actually read this, so maybe I’m writing to Once I Was An Eagle, and if so I would like to thank it for sparking something within me.

Once I Was An Eagle, I can’t remember if Alex (my big brother) bought you for me, or if he bought you for himself and I stole you. Maybe my Mum bought you for me, or for Alex (and I stole you). I definitely didn’t buy you myself. I’ve always been very independent in thinking, but very dependent on everyone around me for ‘life’ things. You weren’t particularly transformative. You weren’t my first or my most memorable, clearly, considering I can’t remember actually receiving you.

I think you’re my true love.

Not like a first romance that encompasses you completely; that takes every minute of the day. That love that you spend all of school waiting to get home to listen to again. Or the one I ‘claimed’ my Mum’s CD player for. You weren’t that. That music has a different place in my heart. A big heart I am thankful for, and I think part of that gratitude is to you.

Illustration by Tahlia Kristjansson

Illustration by Tahlia Kristjansson

“Once, once is enough to break you. Once is enough to make you think twice about laying your love out on the line.”

I always come back to you. And that smothers me in gratitude.

Arguably, the same could be said for Far or What We Saw From The Cheap Seats by Regina Spektor – my FIRST real loves. But as I’ve identified, this feels different. It feels like a part of my soul was missing, and you, this album in 2013, made it whole. You gave me the first windows into breathing and that it was okay your brain was a little different, a little deeper.

Fate aside, listening to you prepared me for the years to come, the songs I would let go of, and the music I would hold in my soul. You didn’t come at a time of particular need. There was nothing you were needing from me, and nothing I needed from you. But you stayed year after year. I returned to you, and will always do.

You inspired my heart, so in part and kinda full – the music I write is thanks to you, the constance, the love – you ignited my passion for creating, and performing.

So this Valentine’s, Undine, will you be mine.

Yours happily,


About the artist

madalene is a Brisbane-based artist known by the same name, who identifies herself musically mostly by her hair, and alternative pop / a melting pot of genre. Ageless has been produced by local legend now operating out of Melbourne, DOS. DOS has worked closely with madalene over the years, and over the last year to refine and create Ageless - which the two share immense pride in. 

Madalene Stewart