Premiere: TEJAVU EP

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TEJAVU is the recording project of musician and producer James Teja Halstead. Prior to the inception of TEJAVU, James has written and played in several bands; Sunshine Coast psych/blues band BARD and Brisbane’s psych rock group, Timothy Learjet. James also currently performs lead guitar in Brisbane’s psychedelic-jazz band Sycco.

TEJAVU is written, recorded and produced by James. In an effort to create a compelling piece of work entirely by himself, James’ skills as a producer have grown massively. TEJAVU’s deep soundscapes and compositions reflect musical influence across multiple genres. The songs are conceptual, mysterious and exciting; they encompass not only a musical journey but an emotional one.

Illustration by Tahlia Kristjansson

Releasing his dream-poppy swirly debut single “Dream” earlier in the year, James now has a 5-track self titled EP set for release May 6th. The EP touches on concepts of the human experience.. It’s an atmospheric EP with lots of depth, each song reflecting a different mood or emotion. Filled out with guitar and saxophone solos, catchy & dreamy vocal melodies, syncopated grooves, lush soundscapes and captivating production. This EP is a clear starting point of a long musical and artistic journey with an evolving sound reflecting incredible personal and artistic growth, and plans for a live band later in the year. TEJAVU will undoubtedly resonate with listeners, leaving them surprised, intrigued & expecting what can come next...

James Halstead